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Features & Benefits




Are You Suffering From....

Stress? Tension? Stiff Muscles? Headaches? Anxiety? Fatigue?

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Introducing the TEBO Bed with Microcirculator Mattress!

The luxurious intelligently designed mattress to help you relieve stress, anxiety and pain with Cellular Revival Therapy (CRT).

The Secret is

CRT uses pulses of energy at differing frequencies and patterns which generates electric micro-currents within the body. The energy pulses have a second effect – the cells of your body are stimulated by the pulses to produce more ATP which is your body’s own energy source.

How can TEBO help heal you?

The TEBO Chair combines a traditional Chinese massage with advanced science and technology that closely imitates the kneading, pressing, pushing, rubbing, and massaging techniques.

The hi-tech features of far infrared heating, vibrational therapy and magnetic therapy deliver health benefits that are off the charts.

How can TEBO help relieve stress?

It increases energy production at a cellular level. These energy pulses also relax muscle tension and dilate capillaries to reduce pain where needed and improve circulation and lymphatic flow.

The Cellular Revival Therapy system is integrated into the mattress where it is close to your body and therefore most effective. The 15 precisely tuned harmonic Microcirculators produce a range of energy pulses (20 different treatments) at different frequencies to support different health outcomes.

How can TEBO customise to your need?

CRT is customizable to the customers specific situation with 20 different treatment modes and 5 Intensity levels making it suitable for multiple users within a household.

The nerve receptors in the skin transform the energy pulses into electrical signals. These signals can dominate other signals in the spinal marrow (e. g. painful stimuli) as signals coming from the mechanical receptors to the brain have priority compared to signals coming from the pain receptors.

Health Benefits of Reduced Stress:

Better Sleep

Pain Relief

Faster Recovery Time

Increased Mobility

Lower Blood Pressure

Improved Circulation

Improved Circulation

Posture Correction

Boost Immune System

Stress Free Pain Relief

At your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The TEBO Bed is a personal treatment centre in your own home.

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30-Days Money Back Guarantee!

If you're not happy with your bed for ANY reason, contact us within 30 Days for a full refund less the cost of processing and handling.See our return policy for details.

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